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Monday, 14 February 2011

Stopping a Greyhound from licking its wounds

Can anyone suggest something to stop my Greyhound, Joker, from licking the stitches on his back leg. He fell off a wall a few days ago (don't ask!) and scraped a load of skin off the inside of one of his back legs. This has been sorted out by my vet who, of course, has given me a "lampshade" for him. The problem is that he is a very big dog, with very long legs, and I live in quite a small house. His bed is in the space under the stairs which is also storage for all my homemade preserves on shelves and a rack with wine on it. There is no way I can use the lampshade as he would be sweeping everything off the shelves everytime he turns around on his bed, apart from the havoc he would create in the rest of the house as his head is well above the level of the dining room table.

I need something that I can spray or wipe on the wound that is antiseptic and tastes horrible. Any ideas?

Genny Stallabrass, by email

Alison Logan, vet, advises:

I was not a fan of the ‘lampshade’, also known as Elizabethan collar, until I was forced into using one on my own dog when she would not leave her sutures alone. Pippin had had to have the tip of her tail amputated after an unfortunate accident, and I had visions of repeat surgeries, with her poor tail becoming shorter and shorter, if she would not leave it alone. The Elizabethan collar was wonderful for her because she accepted it readily, as if she was relieved to be prevented from licking at her poor tail tip.

As you rightly point out, there are physical problems with the Elizabethan collar. Your description of where Joker lives under the stairs with your homemade preserves conjured up a nightmare picture in my mind. Being a Greyhound means he has a long snout so would need a longer collar than Pippin my Labrador Retriever, in order to be prevented from reaching his sutures. No, an Elizabethan collar is probably not ideal for you and Joker.

Have you come across Nurtured Pets’ Anti-LickStrip Prevent plasters? Have a look at the website I think this could well be the answer for you and Joker.


  1. Hi Genny,
    May I suggest that you take a look at
    Nurtured Pets manufacture the Anti-LickStrip - it is a pet plaster designed to deter biting, licking & chewing of wound areas, lick granulomas, hot spots, insect bites, as well as deterring obsessive and anti-social lick behaviour. The plaster is impregnated with all natural ingredients - cayenne pepper, oregano, lemon powder and clove oil.
    The Anti-LickStrip is an ideal alternative to the elizabethan collar. The product can be purchased in pet shops, vets or online at
    If you would like to understand more about our super product do please call us on 0247 630 2222.

    Alison Deas VN
    Product Manager
    Nurtured Pets

  2. Try ysing a regular greyhound muzzle. It worked for our greyhound, he was able to drink and sleep with it on, and we had to remove it onli during the mealtimes. He got used to it very quickly and was wearing it for about 10 days, until his leg got better.

  3. You can get collars that aren't the traditional lampshade ones from
    or do a web search for dog vet collars.
    Anti Lick strips are supposed to be very good but I haven't personally used them.

    Olwen Turns
    MAPDT 1093
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