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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Leading the way

I am really desperate for some advice on dog-lead clips. We have a Whippet puppy who is five months old. He is lively, as all Whippet puppies are.

Harry has escaped four times, because all the leads seem to have trigger clips these days. He has detached the trigger clips of four different leads, including leather and nylon leads, from various collars, all purchased in an effort to find a safe one.

He was nearly killed when this happened on the pavement adjoining a dual carriageway near us, it was only thanks to the wonderful reactions of the drivers and cyclists that he lived.

I cannot trust a trigger clip, and would be so grateful if you could recommend a lead manufacturer that uses a safer alternative, like the old-fashioned leads that had a shackle-type clip. I have tried some internet exploration, all to no avail.

We have to use sailing shackles on ropes or double-loop leads which my husband has made. And these are not easily detachable for obedience classes! I would really appreciate your help please. We cannot be the only ones to have had this happen.

I love your magazine, which I've been reading since we have had Harry.

Jenny Elliott, by email

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  1. Harry sounds like a lot of fun. I've kept whippets for many years and I know how slippery they can be as pups!

    I think it's worth considering walking Harry on a harness. I don't know how he is detaching his lead from his collar, but if he's reaching it with his paw then a harness would make this more difficult for him.

    Because of their streamlined heads, I also find that a determined whippet can slip its collar. This is one reason why my own whippets walk on harnesses, but I've also found that they walk more calmly on a harness than a collar.

    We use EzyDog harnesses which are fully adjustable, easy to take on and off, and the lead clips on just above their shoulder blades - the hardest area for dogs to reach.

    I hope this helps you find a solution to your problem.