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Thursday, 24 February 2011

New dog = new car = spending frenzy!

While I obviously saved quite a lot of money by finding a fantastic rescue dog, I'm fast realising that the purchase price was always going to be the smallest bill!
My cute Smart car is far from a smart move now that I've got Chance!
I am looking for the perfect dog car and have to say I don't know where to start. What do you drive and why is it the best doggie car? I do like my cars to have personality and style - surely we don't need to give all that up just because we have a dog?
I'm also incredibly fussy about collars and leads and bowls.
What's the most gorgeous ones you have found?
How about coats, considering he's a stray he's now a complete wimp when there's a bit of wind or rain!
Chance may not have had the best start in life but I am dedicated to giving him the very best of everything from now on.
Do point me in the right direction of stylish, practical and irresistible doggie shopping!
Spencer Holden, London


  1. Hi

    I think that the quido petz range has an amazing variety of collars and leads, and they are good quality. Have a look on their website!

  2. the best dog car we ever owned was a Renault Kangoo.
    I now have a Pugeot 1007 with the rear seats removed!!! ................bring back the Kangoo!!!

  3. Hi Spencer,

    If you're worried about Chance running off when it's dark, we have a couple of K9 Lite products that you may be interested in.

    K9 Lite are reflective dog collars and are designed to be used as a secondary collar when it’s dark, or light is poor. They are visible from over 300m, so if Chance should run off, or become scared and hide, you should be able to spot her easily.

    The collar not only uses ultra bright micro LED flashing lights, but they also have a reflective strip to catch as much light as possible.

    We currently have them available in a Small or Medium&Large –

    I hope you find this suggestion useful!

  4. Our revolutionary Reflective Range is proving very popular!
    We are offering a safe and secure walk for your dog.
    Our high quality leather has been embedded with both a yellow and pink reflective material to keep your dog visible when out walking.
    Our smart reflective range includes our Dogmatic Headcollar, Buckle Collars, Trigger Hook and Training Leads that can be used individually or sold as a complete set.
    We are offering our Customers a smart, sophisticated range with the bonus that not only does it do the job but that there is nothing like it out there! With the quality you have come to expect from Dogmatic.
    Get ready for those dark nights and mornings!

  5. Dear Spencer
    I think we might just have the answer as you mention the words stylish and irresistible. If you haven’t already discovered online retailer The Stylish Dog Company,, then indulge in some browsing. There are fabulous leads and collars in both fabric and cowhide leather and great colours to choose from. The range of dog bowls and treat jars are made exclusively for the company in England. In fact everything is sourced from around the British Isles. I think you might find the dog coats section tempting too and check out the bandanas. I am sure Chance will feel he is being spoilt rotten, sounds as though he deserves some retail therapy.
    Susan and Marie

  6. Hi Spencer,
    the best way of spoiling your rescue dog is to spend time with him and forge a strong and loving relationship! That way he will think that YOU are the coolest thing in the world, not the car! So it would be well worth investing in the one and only super stylish training aid out there, a Wolfwhistle! Wolfwhistles are handmade, solid silver dog whistles that are pieces of contemporary jewellery in their own right and can be personlised as they are all made by hand (by me!!!). For stylish men as yourself we have 'The Master', a seriously heavy whistle in a simple and strong shepherd whistle design. It's cool enough to wear all day, and it works beautifully, so you can train recall in a cool way and look good at the same time!
    And as for cars, I drive a black Toyota Yaris Verso - with some of the backseats folded into the floor, there are different ways to maximise space and to accommodate different sizes of dog crates - I find the Yaris Verso a bit more stylish than the Renault Kangoo and definitely more reliable than the Fiat Doblo! But whatever car you go for, whichever coat you put Chance in, and whichever beautiful collar he wears, make sure you work on his recall and your friendship (with the help of a Wolfwhislte of course!). That, in my opinion, is the best you can do for him. x Gunilla