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May issue

Thursday, 24 February 2011

New me, new look

I've just lost two stone and I am joyfully chucking out almost everything in my wardrobe and am ready to start again - even my boots are baggy now!
I would love some ideas of what the new streamlined me could wear when out walking with my lovely dog who really helped me get fit!
I want a whole new look. What would you buy and from where? I used to hate clothes shopping - can't stop now!
Jenny Thomas, Manchester


1 comment:

  1. Dear Jenny, it is definitely time to reward yourself and your dog for having achieved such amazing weight loss! I bet you look fantastic! It does not matter which pieces of clothing you will buy - they will all look more glamorous with a beautiful piece of jewellery! And jewellery that is also a dog whistle would celebrate not only your 'new you' but also your dog, who gave you a helping paw! Have a look at our Wolfwhistles - they are solid silver shepherd- or mouth whistles, beautifully decorated, some with semi precious stones. They are real, functioning dog whistles, but also contemporary jewellery in their own right, made by hand by a proper silversmith (me!!!!!). It is the only dog whistle that you will want to wear when out with your dog wearing wellies and with that little black dress you now look gorgeous in! Hope to hear from you soon! xx Gunilla Karlson,