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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bright ideas for brighter nights

Thank goodness that we are now getting a good bit of playtime before it goes dark. I am enjoying playing with Mack my young Springer but would love some more interesting toys and things to do to keep him occupied and hopefully wear him out a bit!
Anyone spotted anything more interesting than the old tennis ball I've currently using! We're miles from a proper pet shop and there seems so many things online I really can't work out which ones will be worth a try.
Sarah Gordon, Cumbria


  1. Dear Sarah
    It certainly is great that the evenings are getting light, hopefully this means summer is on the way!

    I completely understand your point about there being so many online pet store to choose from, but I’d like to recommend a few toys that we – Just for Pets – find to be really popular with dog owners.

    The first toy, which is great for playing outdoors, is our PetStages Orka Flyer. This is based on a Frisbee principle and is great for games of fetch. The flyer is 9 inches and is designed to be easy on a dog’s mouth when being caught. Another great benefit is that it floats – so no abrupt ends to any games if it accidently lands in a river!

    If Mack likes a bit of ‘tug-of-war’, the Peperami sausage stretch is great fun! It’s extremely durable and long-lasting, and is 15.5 inches which is perfect for loads of interactive games. It also has a tasty meaty flavour!

    If Mack is just content chasing a ball around, our Jingle Ball might be worth a try. The ball contains a small bell which may just be a bit more exciting than that old tennis ball.

    I hope these suggestions are helpful, we’ve got loads of other dog toys if you fancy having a look for yourself – just visit our website.
    Just for Pets

  2. Hi Sarah,
    the days are getting longer and we all have a spring in our step, I bet your young Springer Spaniel in particular! This is a valuable time in your dog's life that you can spend bonding by playing with him, but why not use this playtime as training time - this way your dog will not only be physically tired, but mentally, too!
    I make beautiful silver dog whistles, that look nothing like dog whistles and more like jewellery (with patterns and semi precious stones!), so you can wear a 'Wolfwhistle' all day (and night) and always have it on you when you are out! It is so much nicer to whistle on antimicrobial silver than grubby plastic!
    Why not whistle when he comes back to you bringing that old tattered tennis ball, so that he starts associating the whistling with his running towards you? Why not create a series of whistle commands to 'link' with little tricks he might have in store for you already? This way you can forge a great bond, train reliable recall and tire him out.
    After all it is not the brand new dog toy that makes your dog happy, but the time you spend with him and invest in him. And that means could spend the money on yourself!!!! Have a look at our website! x Gunilla @

  3. Hi Sarah,

    You should check out the Dogit range of Tuff Luvz toys. They're made from durable Dylon material so they'll last for ages, come with an internal squeaker and the bright colours make them easy to find if they get lost!

    Dogit Flying Discs really do fly and they make a great 'whirring' noise when thrown!

    Finally, for when Mack is happily tired out and covered in mud, there are 'Le Salon' shampoos to clean and re-vitalise his coat. There's even a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner for a soft, shiny coat.

    More information on all these and more Dogit items can be found on

  4. “Have a Go at Bikejoring” – this new and upcoming sport is a fantastic form of exercise for both you and your canine companion. Your dog is attached to a line in front of the bike and pulls you and the bike along, while you assist with pedal power. All you need to get going is a bike, a bikejor converter (to keep your lines up and away from the front wheel), some lines and a dog harness – and of course, the dog! Any type of dog that can be taught to pull, run, and follow commands can be used to bikejor. If your dog likes to run, he or she will love this form of exercise! What better way for you to get fit and enjoy the countryside with your dog!
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