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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Is my dog's diet appropriate?

I have just received the February issue of Dogs Today, and can't believe how much wonderful information it contains. I was especially interested in the article 'Wet, dry or raw?' relating to different feeding options.
I have a Bichon Frise called Lily who is 15 months old and the love of my life, so I want to feed her properly. Could you tell me if what I'm feeding her is appropriate and nutritious?
Lily has breakfast and dinner comprising roast chicken or liver or lambs' kidneys, mixed with either a little kibble or rice with veg (carrots or sprouts). I cook all this daily for her as she likes her food warm.
I also make her treats myself by roasting thinly sliced chicken and beef chunks until dry and crispy.
I want to keep Lily fit and well so would appreciate your comments and advice.
I can't wait for the next issue.
June Bailey and Lily, Westbury, Wiltshire

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  1. I think I'll come and live with you too!
    The basic idea of what you are doing is fine but I feel there is too much emphasis on the rich, meaty part of her diet. She is a small dog, living indoors so she will not need much of anything and too much food is more harmful than slight underfeeding. There is also a real chance that on a rich diet like this she will become very fussy.
    I suggest you limit the proportion of meat to about one third by volume of the total. The remainder could be one third each of vegetables and boiled rice. As an alternative Burns make a brown rice-based mixer kibble. If giving a complete food kibble then the fresh meat portion should be reduced; otherwise you are giving too much protein. Make sure that the "complete" kibble is a high quality food which names all the ingredients (no "cereals, animal bi-products" etc.
    John Burns BVMS MRCVS
    Burns Pet Nutrition