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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Going on record

I've seen articles in magazines where behaviourists have used recording equipment to see what is going on when owners are out. My video recorder only lasts for half an hour before dying, so can anyone tell me what they use and where I can buy/hire it?
My neighbour has just told me that one of my dogs is regularly barking when I am out, all is quiet when I return, and as I have four I really need to find out which and why, so I can address the problem before it becomes a complaint.
Any help would be appreciated.

Ann Button, by email


  1. Hi Anne,
    What about using a recorder - the sort of thing
    that your G.P. would use, I think they can last for a few days and you'll probably be able to pick one up in a store like Argos!
    About the regular barking - I'd find it really interesting and useful to have a look at your dogs astrological chart (Celstial Paws - Pet Astrological World Service) if you know the date and place of birth - a host of information can be gained about their character and behaviour which can be posted or emailed to you!
    There is also the new book - Celestial Paws presents Sun Signs for K9's based on the 12 zodiacal star/sun signs (a fun yet informative guide and is illustrated by the cartoonist Jim Barker). Website or telephone 0141 954 1582
    Best Wishes Fiona Celeste

  2. Will your video recorder work when it is plugged into the mains? This might be an option.

    I have a small canon recorder that takes SD cards so a large GB card and a wall socket means I can record for a long time.

    Olwen Turns
    MAPDT 1093
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