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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sounding out toys

Hi there,

just wondering if you or any of your followers could help me.

I have an eight-year-old Staffie cross who lost her sight to retinal eye disease just over a year ago. She still loves to play but is not so good at playing fetch anymore. She has a Kong, which she loves, but I'm struggling to find her other toys to play with.

She loves squeaky toys so I bought her a Squeaky Kong toy. She destroyed it within 20 minutes (she loved it too much!).

If anyone knows of any durable dog toys that focus on sound rather than sight myself and Kia would be very grateful.

Thanks so much.

Suzy Baines


  1. Stuffing-free toys are fun and strong too!

  2. We have a Lab with seriously strong jaws who can tear most things up in 2 seconds (including a squeaky Kong toy we bought,) as well as a Setter who is a shredder!

    Firstly, I would recommend you complain to Kong about the breakage. We did, and they ended up sending us three large squeaky Kong toys as an apology!

    Secondly, I would highly recommend you invest in some Tuffy dog toys which are available on Amazon for pretty good prices. They're a bit more expensive than other toys, but ours have lasted and lasted. They have squeakers inside and are each rated from 1-10 on their Tuff-scale. The first toy we bought for them we've had for almost a year now and has not a mark on it! We recently bought them another for Christmas! They are fleecy on the outside, but the fleece is incredibly durable.

    They also have a snake toy made by Plush Puppies (you can buy them in pet shops,) which has also proven to be very durable. It's not as strong as the Tuffy toys, but the squeakers are very noisy and satisfying-sounding, and it has lasted so far an entire year with our two hooligans, with just a couple of stitch-ups. It is one of their favourite toys, and the squeakers don't lose their squeak as with other toys.