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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Out of control

I have a huge problem and am having great difficulty in finding someone to help me resolve this. Whilst out walking my two GSDs in Windsor Great Park in December 2012 I was knocked over by a dog running out of control.

Windsor Great Park rules (posted at every entrance) clearly states that DOGS MUST BE KEPT UNDER STRICT CONTROL OR ON LEADS. This dog clearly wasn't and was completely ignoring its owner who was yelling at it to come back.

As a result I suffered a severe knee injury which resulted in hospitalisation and two operations, and 10 months off work, leaving me massively in debt.

The owner is insured and does have public liability but the insurers are refusing to pay for my claim as they have said the dog is friendly and skidded on wet grass!  My solicitor still believes I have an excellent case but is unable to take this forward on a no win no fee basis.
I am desperate! Please can anyone help me?

Karen, via email 

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