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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Rumbling tum


Can anyone put a light on the reason my 12yr old golden retriever gets a rumbling tummy after she has eaten her main meal, usually trip or fresh minced chicken. She has this meal about 2.30 and the rumbles go on into the night. She has live yoghurt at breakfast time as well as a little porridge then a few biscuits at bed time. Other than this she seems very healthy.


Jackie Nicholas, by email

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  1. Do you mean this metaphorically, or literally, when you say her tummy 'rumbles'? If metaphorically, and you simply mean she is 'hungry' even after her main meal, some dogs are just greedy and love to eat food whenever! If you mean literally making a rumbling sound, you may want to consider changing her diet. Yoghurt and porridge alone at breakfast isn't a meal formulated for dogs. If you are only feeding her a few dogs biscuits at bedtime, she won't be getting all the required nutrients she needs! How about a complete dog food? You can choose from a range of food types and browse the ingredients to find a suitable food.