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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Night fright

My rescue Staffie, Harley, who featured in Dogs Today (as Domino) last year as needing a home, has started suffering separation anxiety. Strangely he seems to be fine when we go out in the day, it’s when my dad and I go upstairs at night. He's driving my mum nuts. Does anyone have any suggestions to help him with this?

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  1. Rosie, Dogs Today, writes:

    I'm so pleased Harley found a lovely home. Bach Flower Remedies might be useful. Bach Rescue Remedy is very helpful for calming agitated pets. It used to work a treat on Penny one of my previous Staffies who was afraid of fireworks. You can buy it from most chemists now, and the spray bottle is particularly good for pets as you can quickly administer it directly into the mouth. With the glass dropper bottle its safest to add the drops to Harley's water bowl.

    I have the same separation problems with Nancy my current Staffie at night. I don't get any sleep if she's in the bedroom - she snores - really loudly! She was fine downstairs for a while but then started crying and trying to break the hallway door down! I had a very difficult few months with her - up and down for hours trying to settle her. I tried ignoring her, petting her, talking to her gently - and I'm ashamed to admit - shouting at her! I now I leave the door open downstairs and settle her in her bed before I go up. Every night as soon as I get into bed and turn the light off she trots upstairs to check on me and lies outside the bedroom door for a while "humphing" till she eventually goes back down to her bed. I ignore her completely now. I used to tell her to go back to bed but it doesn't help! She goes herself when she's ready.

    I find she settles much better if she's kept really warm (Staffies are such wimps!). I bought her a T-shirt from Equafleece ( which also helps to calm her as well as keep her warm and I always get up about 3am or 4am and cover her back up with a fleecy blanket. She's fine with that and sleeps through till morning, but just be careful it doesn't start Harley off again if you do go back downstairs. Good luck with it all. You're doing great with Harley but I know how exhausting it can be when they don't settle at night. You'll get there!