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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Slow motility

I’ve taken on a Jack Russell puppy who was brought into the veterinary practice where I work in late October 2013. She was approximately four to five weeks old, skeletal, with diarrhoea, and looking very close to death. She had been found at the side of the road.

After i/v fluids, prokolin, panacur, food and TLC for a few days, she survived, and has managed to go from strength to strength. However, she does have some problems though as a result of her poor start.

We suspect she has ‘slow motility’. Where a dog would normally pass faeces in one go, Gracie passes numerous small pellets throughout the day and night. It’s also as though she isn't always aware she's doing it.

I was feeding her Pedigree puppy wet and dry, but I'm toying with a more natural/raw diet. She’s currently on boiled chicken with vegetables and some natural yoghurt.

I am trying to find anyone who has been through ‘slow motility’ with their own dog and can offer any advice.

Thanks in advance,

Sally and Gracie, by email

NB: only a qualified vet can give vet advice, but hearing what has worked for dogs in similar situations can really help owners to work out the best solution for their own dog.


  1. I recommend a diet of maybe higher quality if it is in your budget, like Burns dry. It keeps faeces nice and firm and is healthy and full of good ingredients.

  2. Hi i live in south africa. my JR hase developed the same probleme due to nerve damage. im feeding Royal Canine gastronal intestinal at present bu not loving it i whould also love some home cooked ideas....