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Monday, 7 January 2013

Top of the pups

Hello all at Dogs Today,

What are the most popular dog names, as we’d like something a bit different to every other dog?

We’re shortly to bring home a young-ish pup who was born in our local rescue centre after her pregnant mum was dumped.


The McCaul family, by email

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  1. There seems to have been a trend towards naming dogs with traditionally "human" names in the last few years. Anecdotally the names I see regularly for boys are: Max, Ted, Toby, Sam, Freddie, Bertie, Benji, Buster, Barker, Cooper. For girls common ones include: Bella, Lucy, Missy, Milly, Poppy, Polly, Bonnie, Lady and Lily. There are websites which publish the top 10 list of dog names every year so you could search online for those. Good luck with the new puppy!