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Thursday, 10 January 2013

A clean sweep

To all at Dogs Today,

I’m hoping you can help me please. I'm after some advice as I’ve just moved house to a house with far more carpet, and much thicker, better quality carpets than our previous home had. We’re not in a rush to change them as they’re decent enough and it’s the kitchen that needs the most work.

I’m finding myself doing a lot more cleaning of carpets than I used to! I have two dogs, an elderly Border Terrier and a rather energetic Cocker Spaniel. Both enjoy bringing mud in, and I’m sure watching me remove it!

What have you found to be the best vacuums and carpet shampoo to keep carpets as clean as possible?

I’d be so grateful if you could advise.

Thank you,

Mrs J. Christian, York


  1. After borrowing a friends Vax carpet washer a lot, I bought my own in the New Year Sales, and I think it's paid for itself already! It's great for cleaning up after spilled water bowls, not to mention washing up after mud and general muck.

    There was a small bottle of Vax carpet shampoo with it, but I much prefer using the Astonish carpet washer solution (that probably isn't it's real name though!). Not only is it much nicer smelling/less chemically smelling, all of Astonish's products are cruelty-free.

  2. Yes I like Astonish stuff too.I've owned many hoovers, and have found the pet version of the commercial Henry hoovers (Harry, green colour) to be the most durable, powerful and a good price compared with the likes of Dysons, which are good but found not durable enough for the daily bashing a multi-dog household gives.

  3. We have a Vax vacuum cleaner, which is brilliant, it has a really long hose and it's quite lightweight, so it's easily maneuverable. The only problem with it is it's fine filter gets clogged quite quickly (but maybe that's just my house...) so I have to hand wash it fairly frequently, but that does only take 5 minutes. It also has a variable suction function, so it can be super-sucky when needed, or quite gentle for doing fragile areas (or putting the brush attachment on and gently vacuuming the tortoise's shell-she enjoys it enormously...I have strange animals). It is very loud, though, my 4 cats are terrified of the noise it makes, they were ok when we had a Dyson, but that might be something to think about with noise sensitive dogs.