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May issue
May issue

Thursday, 10 January 2013

I don't want to test my cat's nine lives

I wonder if you or any of your readers (or contributors!) can help me?

I am currently without a dog (although waiting for our puppy to be born, hopefully this month :oD ) but wonder if any of your readers can advise me about natural flea treatments/deterrents for cats?

I've read that garlic can be fatal for a cat but I hate putting chemical spot-on treatments on him because he goes a bit mental - I'm sure they can't do him any good (like the chemical wormers) but just have no idea what to use as an alternative and the internet articles are just so contradictory (ie, use garlic: NO, don't, it'll kill your pet in days: nah, it's absolutely fine!).

If anyone can offer me any (tested!) advice, I'd be so grateful! 

Thanks everyone!

Pippa Casely, via Facebook

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