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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Great minds think alike

Hello Dogs Today,

I was wondering if any of your lovely readers could point me towards a forum that will be welcoming to an ethical cross-breeder? I am an occasional breeder, who health tests (hip scores, patellae check, eye tests, DNA tests, the full works, not a simple vet check), takes great care over my dogs and pups (for life), vets homes very carefully, and puts heart, soul and mind into producing sound, healthy dogs of great temperament. But because I cross-breed, I am automatically deemed irresponsible.

I would like a forum I can belong to, chat about dogs, and not get attacked by folk who argue the only good breeder is a show breeder and that all "designer dogs" are bred for profit by unscrupulous individuals who lie about the existence of hybrid vigour in order to dupe unsuspecting members of the public into buying dogs who will naturally inherit the worst of both breeds (including the health issues of both, yes even the recessives not common to both breeds!).

Really hoping someone can help!

Dogs Today reader, by email

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