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Thursday, 24 January 2013


Dear Dogs Today,

My friend has two young Cockerpoo dogs. The female was spayed two months ago and has been giving off a most offensive odour ever since. Shampooing only helps for a couple of days. She is healthy otherwise.

Can you please help.

Thank you,

J. Cooper, Hitchin

Alison Logan, vet, advises...

This is not a normal consequence of spaying. I would suggest you book an appointment with your vet for your bitch to be examined, taking along a fresh urine sample collected that morning into a suitable container (not jam jar!).

Another possibility would be impacted anal sacs which can create a really fishy smell around the rear. Sometimes the whole dog can be smelly together with really horrendous dragon breath as I call it, following on from her licking excessively at her rear in an attempt to empty her anal sacs, and then inadvertently spreading the smell all over herself during grooming.

I do hope a solution can be found to your bitch’s smelly problem!

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