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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Answer in the sky?

I’ve been on a quest for an explanation for years as to why my crossbreed, Madi, barks and growls at the moon. Can anyone shed any light on it? She is at her most active when the moon is in the ‘waxing crescent’ phase.

I’d be fascinated if anyone could tell me why this is!

Claire Horton-Bussey, Dogs Today

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  1. I believe I answered a a question regarding Madi and the moon before...
    "It is hard without seeing how anxious Madi gets. I would suggest being aware of the moon sizes first. When the moon is visible but not big enough to stress her, perhaps take Madi into the garden. The second she looks at the moon, say 'dinner' and produce her full dinner bowl. Repeat this every night the moon is visible. If she only got fed that way in the presence of the moon, it would then become a fantastic thing rather than something of fear. 'Moon equals dinner al fresco style!' If the conditioning goes far enough she will see the moon and expect her dinner! Bingo! The moon becomes a precursor of good things to come!
    But start when it isn't too stressful and you can build it up until it is a full moon.
    As to why? Only Madi knows and she 'ain't talking!"

    Did you get any luck with that method?