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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Unknown quantity

I read Richard Allport's article about the chemicals in "spot on" flea treatments and he said he uses garlic in his dogs food which is something I have done for many years, my dogs have never had fleas, ticks or worms. I particularly want to avoid chemicals now as my best friend Judy (black Lab) has multi allergy problems which includes a mud rash, interdigital cysts and ear problems. I buy white fish, cook jacket potatoes and give her a selection of veg along with evening primrose and garlic. 

I was horrified when I read the poisons article, I knew about onions but it says including garlic and leeks! Should I be giving her garlic like Richard suggests or am I poisoning her? 

Please help I am very confused.

Maria Ashworth, by email

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  1. Christine Bailey8 April 2013 at 04:57

    Many people use small amounts of garlic in their dogs' food; I have made liver cake with garlic for many years. Most dogs love the taste. I think it's a matter of degree, a small amount being beneficial, whereas a huge amount might possibly cause problems.