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Monday, 29 April 2013

Caring career


I have been in contact before, I am looking for a career in the dog world. I am a qualified dog groomer but I am looking into another careers with dogs. I am very passionate about them and have a lot of interest in issues around them such as BSL and their welfare.

I am looking to become a campaigns assistant or help support charities or groups to help dogs have better lives and education people into responsible dog ownership.

I have applied for jobs with leading animal charity but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I was wondering weather there was smaller charities or groups I could get in contact with to help me find a career or advice to work towards this.
In a nutshell:
I have over a years admin and customer service/reception experience.
3 years experience as a kennel hand.
2 years experience as a dog groomer.
I spend a lot of my spare time on dog blogs and at dog shows.

I am so keen to find a job I care so passionately about and a job where I can really make a difference to dogs lives and their owners.

Kind regards,

Katie Page, via Facebook


  1. The trouble with jobs that involve caring for animals is usually they are very poorly paid, just a basic wage. They can be the starting point for a career but my advice would be to get a professional qualification ideally at degree level. Start working for a large practice or organization and then eventually start your own business. And a further piece of advice - if you love dogs and you care passionately about them then be prepared for tough decisions and even heartbreak from time to time.

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