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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Realising potential

I’ve recently started doing local agility classes with my Golden Retriever, Milo. I purchased some of the Rosewood mini jumps so we could practice in the garden – he LOVES it! At home he is attentive, he watches me and listens to commands and is a pleasure to train! But, once we get to the class, he turns into a different dog! I can’t keep his attention on me, he runs off between obstacles - the temptation of other dogs is just too much!

It’s so disappointing to think I’ll have to go back a step and put him on the leash again. Is there anyone out there that had this problem or anyone who can give me some help! - I don’t think the other members of the class believe me when I tell them how good he is at home!

Milo’s mummy, by email

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  1. This is pretty normal canine behaviour.

    Have a dog in a dull environment, or one which they're totally comfortable in where there's pretty much no distraction and all training is a breeze. Take the dog somewhere new, where there's loads of distractions and any training is difficult. It's to be expected and will pass, and this is the reason why (good!) dog trainers always suggest that dog owners work through different environments in a manner such that the dog can handle it, and at the dog's own pace.