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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Price hike

Good morning,

I am emailing to ask for help and advise regarding pet insurance. I have an eight-year-old Lab with ongoing thyroid and atophi. I have been registered with More Than since 2009. The insurance has been raising and recently I received the renewal for this year which raised from £27 to £43 pounds. I contacted the service who adviced me the Brighton has a higher rate of pet insurance due to vet bills and because of my dog's age.

I tried to contact other companies but they wouldn't consider previous illness. Do you know any insurance who would consider previous ilness? it is becoming unberable to pay this amount of pet insurance for month considering that I also have to pay dog walking every day. I am spending about £300 a month with my dog with food (holistic), pet insurance and dog walking, medication and vet.

Please help.


Name supplied, by email

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  1. Christine Bailey8 April 2013 at 05:01

    I have never heard of any insurance company that will cover existing conditions - exactly the same as health cover for people, I'm afraid. This is why, once you have made a claim for anything that is ongoing or might recur, you are really stuck. Sad, but true.