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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Size zero

Our new addition to the family is a 12-week-old Maltese-Shih Tzu cross. As you can imagine she’s tiny and so we have a hard time trying to find anything to fit her. None of the pet shops we’ve been in sell anything small enough – not even the kitten collars fit!

There are many tiny dogs around and I’m certain some are even smaller, so there must be somewhere that sells tiny collars?

I hope someone can offer me some advice.

Linda Black, Guildford, Surrey


  1. Could you post your pup's neck size please.

  2. I struggled when my Boxer puppies were eight weeks old I couldn't find anything at the time that was small enough and fun looking!

    I used a rubber NON snap free cat collar in the end and took the bells off! Still have them as a keep sake!

    I went on to introduce a puppy range under Hem and Boo with fun and funky designs and later Puppy & Co which now includes plain nylon, tartan and leather sets and a beautiful diamante set in pink or black.

    All our puppy sets adjust down to 8"/ 20cm and can bee found from our preferred stockists page on our website

  3. I think you should find something to fit at ether puchi petwear or urban pup websites.
    Lynn, West Sussex