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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Irresponsible dog owners - what can we do?


I'm emailing on behalf of my mum and myself. We are very concerned about a French Bulldog puppy that our neighbours have recently acquired. To our knowledge, they haven't owned a dog before, although the owner's mother also has a French Bulldog. The problem that is worrying us is that the dog, who is not yet a year old, is allowed to roam freely outside with the children, who are both very young and have hardly any knowledge or respect for dogs (the youngest child runs up to our own dog when we walk past and touches his face, something his mum warns him not to do but does not make any effort to stop him).

Their puppy does not wear a collar, which we thought was illegal, and is dangerous in itself since there is nothing for the owners to hold on to. Earlier today, when we were walking our own dog, we attempted to cross the road near their house, and the puppy appeared out of nowhere and ran into the middle of the road to follow us! Thankfully there weren't any cars about at the time. We live in a cul de sac, which is usually relatively quiet, but the people in question live near the entrance to our road, and cars often come speeding down. We stopped and one of the children (their mother was no where to be seen) came running to pick the dog up, but he had a struggle as the puppy is growing rapidly!

On our return from the walk, the mother was on the front with the children, holding the puppy in her arms. My mum told her what had happened and she exclaimed "Really?" but then went on to tell one of the children off - it was like we hadn't said anything!

We'd like to think of ourselves as responsible owners, and as a big dog lover myself I'm very worried that the puppy will be hit by a car. Their overall lack of canine knowledge (when they first got the puppy they were literally clueless, having no idea what a KONG looked like or the purpose of crates) makes me wonder why on earth they have a dog in the first place.

Is there anything that we can do?

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  1. We had a similar problem in our village with somebody and a lovely Jack Russell Terrier. Always loose and getting into peoples gardens and running in the road. Also a dog fouling problem as well.

    I had words with the owner, who got shirty, so called the Dog Warden attatched to the local council. The warden came out and had words, and the problem is no more.

    I would suggst that you have a look on-line for contact details of your local dog warden or Environmental office through your district council offices, then give them a ring. As you say this is an accident waiting to happen, having a dog not on a lead by a designated road is an offence and also not wearing a collar/tag, is an offence. It doesn't need to be made public who called the council about this.

    Good luck