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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Researching toy breeds

Dear Dogs Today

I’m looking to buy a toy breed puppy but want to do some more research before I make a decision on what breed to get. A friend recently mentioned that a lot of toy breeds can get hyperglycemia. What exactly is hyperglycemia, how do I stop my future puppy from getting it and what do I do if he/she does get it?

I’ve been specifically looking at Chihuahuas but I’ve heard they’re prone to it, is this also true?

Hope you can help!

Josie, via email

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  1. The fact that you're researching before you buy, shows you to be caring and responsible.
    Hypoglycemia, whilst scary is often easily managed. From changes in feeding routines to vet assisted management, the solutions can be simple.
    Most dog breeds have 'hiccups' along the way and worrying too much may send you into a muddle of stress.
    I believe if you research your breed well, develop a good relationship wth your vet and care for your little pooch in the best way possible and you should have no problems with any breed you choose. You will enjoy many good days, fun experiences and (i'm biased but..) Chihuahuas have fabulous characters.
    Good luck xxx