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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dog breath


I use Maxi Guard for my 13-year-old Westie, on my vet's advice, after her having her teeth cleaned and tartar removed as last year.

She has been back for a check up recently and it seems to be working but her breath still doesn’t smell very nice, please can you advise me of anything I could try to make it more pleasant.

Kind regards,
Pam, via email


  1. hi

    I would keep cleaning your dogs teeth yourself, Teatree dog toothpaste leaves the breath smelling lovely.

    Also look to what you are feeding your dog, as this can influence how the dog's breath smells. If you are not already feeding a natural diet, then try that, also adding raw carrot, brocolli and garlic as well. Yes I did say garlic, but it can work as a detoxer, as well as helping to keep down fleas and ticks.

    Your vet has checked for any health problems I guess?

  2. I have been told that apple is a good natural remedy for bad breath. (only the apple - not the apple seeds)
    I also use royal canin denta chews which have a slightly minty hint.

  3. Petzlife Oral Care will get rid of your dog's bad breath and keep her teeth and gums clean and clear of plaque and tartar. It's a completely natural product and is the best oral care product on the market. Don't take our word for it though,
    “Recently purchased your gel and spray for my 3 ½ year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s teeth.
    His breath was awful for around 6 months and on closer inspection his teeth were quite discoloured at the front. I have only used your product for 3 days and already his teeth are much whiter and his breath much sweeter, A truly amazing transformation in such a short time. I was always sceptical re products like this but I'm so glad I purchased this time. A quality product. Thank  you so much. A very satisfied customer.”  T.Jones

    Petzlife Oral Care Gel comes in 2 varieties, Original Peppermint or with Salmon Oil and will work just as well for your cat!