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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My family includes dogs, where can I holiday in the UK?


I own two dogs and would love to be able to take holidays in this country, however, every year I look around and can't seem to find anywhere that will take two medium large, or even more dogs, as I usually I go away with my Mum as well, who also has one dog.

I check caravans, cottages, hotels, all forms of holiday home and either have to just take two of the three dogs or I've even claimed to be camping next to the caravan to claim two dogs per pitch then slipped the dogs in when no one is looking! It has become so frustrating that I am seriously considering setting up my own no limit dog park! I have a lot of friends who have more then two dogs and most resign themselves to just never going away with them!

So I wonder if anyone is aware of the elusive holiday where more then two larger then Yorkshire Terrier size dogs are allowed?

Thank you

Jennifer Meers, by email


  1. Well if you'd like to come to Norfolk I think we could be just what you are looking for! I run 4 dog friendly holiday properties where there is no charge for dogs and no limit in 2 of the properties and generous and flexible limits in the other two. There is plenty of information on the website and if you would like to contact me through the website email address I can tell you about other places in the area I know are dog friendly. Hope to see you here some day. We really do welcome dogs and know exactly what it is like to try to find somewhere genuinely dog friendly. Sue Allen

  2. A few friends of mine have been to a nice place in Wales who have no limit on size or amount of dogs. They have a dog libary and will take you and your dogs out tracking if you wish. I think they have around 21 acres of land also so plenty of space to walk and let the dogs off lead. Their website is;

    Lucy Parker, Dog Behaviourist, Staffordshire

  3. If you camp or have a caravan I believe the caravan club sites have no limit on the number of dogs

  4. Hi

    We have holidayed for a number of years with 'Discover Scotland', who have a number of properties on their books that take more than one dog.

    We have stayed at a place called Hensol and since 2005 Glenaud Cottage, which is lovely and has a large secure garden. When we first visited we had three golden retrievers and the owners were fine about that, as they are dog lovers themselves.

    Dumfries and Galloway is a beautiful part of Scotland and is brilliant for dogs with beautiful uncrowded beaches and countryside for walking.

  5. Caroline and Tala5 September 2011 at 08:07

    Hi Jennifer,

    I don't know if you are interested in West Wales, but I have had some really lovely holidays in the area.

    Have a look at
    You can refine your search for 3 dogs & more. I've found 22 cottages that come up.

    Also Quality Cottages in Wales have a few that accept 3 or more.

    Caroline and Tala the Stafford

  6. There are more places than you realise.
    We set up a website that lists everything pet friendly.
    We created the website because we went from owning 1 rescue dog to 3 rescue dogs. Trying to find a holiday that allowed three was impossible. Well Not anymore.
    We have titled it 'Pet Holiday Finder' - and our slogan is ; more than 1 pet, no problem!
    you can visit the site at

    We hope you find it useful,

  7. We had a great holiday with out two Jack Russells on a Canal boat, it was brilliant fun, something different to do, and you could pull over where you want and go for long walks or check out the local sites is who we went with.