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Friday, 7 December 2012

Start from scratch

Hopefully the Think Tank can help as to why both my collie and Tibetan Terrier puppy scratch at their mouths and under their chins? The Tibetan seems to have more itchy skin usually at the back near the tail and went through the frantic paw chewing on the pads but that has eased right off, thank goodness.

I just hate to see him so itchy and have tried changing food. I have them both on Advocate so certain its not fleas, and I’ve added Evening Primrose Oil to try to help. They are both wormed with Drontal and the poor puppy even had the vet clear his anal glands as they thought that may be the reason for the back gnawing. I can only think some sort of allergy, but help!!!

Thank you for your time, very grateful,

Kim, by email


  1. You might find this website useful (I am not the owner :)) My own experience with this has led me to use Yumega oil and it worked and also her coat looked amazing. The other product I have used is Bionic Biotic which helps the dogs to produce their own anti histamine you just add it to their normal food. Both of these products take about 3 weeks to work. I also use dog safe anti-histamine tablets when the itching starts. I am not sure why the focus of the itching is near the face and base of the tail (same here) my vet said that any fleas would go to these places and I use advocate too....maybe it it not as effective as they claim? I have never seen a flea on my dog I used it for the protection from lung worm mainly. It is such a big problem you would think the vets would have come up with a viable solution but they don't seem to have one. I hope this helps.

    1. Thank you Lesley. I will have a look at the website as I seemed to have Googled&read so many weird&wonderful itchy things it has now baffled me! Yumega oil has been mentioned a number of times&I think that is to be my next attempt.I hadnt heard of Bionic Biotic but being an anti histamine sounds to be good.Last visit to the vet puppy was given a steroid jab&that did ease the itching for a few days but not something I want him having regularly really as I prefer natural remedies whenever possible.It is odd though that when out either on the beach or downs the dogs dont scratch at all&it only happens when in the home which makes me wonder is it indoors or some allegen from beach,sea,grass etc! Thank you again your information really has been very helpful. Kim

  2. My my Tibetan Terrier is allergic to Birch Trees, Privet Trees and storage mites. We did food exclusion diet followed by blood tests to find this out.

  3. It will be Millennium Mites (MM) - invisible to the naked eye & now a resident in the UK for the last 3 years.
    They're also immune to Advocate & all one does is overload the body with chemicals when you're dealing with the MM (let alone your cost!).
    They get worse/more active the colder it gets - BUT eat any animal 365 days a year....often being confused with flea attack...
    They key breeding zones and attack zones are all listed (armpits, insides of back legs, chins, top of backs, deep inside ears, between toes, etc. - see here!/notes/ruggles-stopitall-naturally/itching-darkened-skin-scabs-scurf/349626405129841
    NO reason whatsoever why you cannot get on top of it quickly with Ruggle-it. And it also saves you from ever needing spot-ons again as it does all types of 'critter' as well as genuinely soothes/nourishes skin, naturally (NO tea tree or harsh chemicals whatsoever.
    Irrespective, hope you find the link least then you'll know the 'cause' even if you adopt your own 'treatment' program.
    (If the above link won't work, see this story from a few years ago - TOTALLY relevant for ALL animals, not just the pony in the picture.)

  4. Hi Kim
    I went through something very similar with my Welsh Springer from when she was just 8 weeks old. We spent months and months eliminating one thing after the other. After a year she finally had an intradermal skin test done by an amazing expert at Rutland House Veterinary Hospital in St Helens (Carly) which clearly indicated a handful of pollens (weeds and grass) that she was allergic too. Although I appreciate that eliminating potential allergens might be the most immediate option I wish we would have had the tests done sooner so that we could begin formulating a treatment. This includes allergy shots which take months if not years to work (so you see, the sooner you work out what it is the sooner you can get started on a treatment).
    Although some experts recommend that you try one thing at a time for a few weeks or months to see if it works, I'm of the 'throw everything you can at it and see if anything sticks' view. By this, I mean natural remedies though such as quality fish oils, Epi-Soothe Oatmeal Shampoo, a raw meat diet and so on. It is heart breaking to watch your dog itch and scratch so I'd do my best to make it stop and then work out which things worked afterwards.
    Good luck!

  5. Hiya, Just wondered, have you used any new carpet cleaner/freshener in recent days? I know that 'Shake and Vac' type of products can cause these sort of problems.

  6. Do they itch after eating, if so how long after,if it starts within an hour of eating it is something in their food, however I would have thought it unlikely you would have 2 dogs with the same allergy. Do your Tibetans feet smell at all,if they do could be a yeast infection, organic Apple Cider Vinegar in their water or food and bath itchy areas in diluted APC, has your vet done any tests to rule out the common causes of itching. Has this started recently have you changed laundry liquid or cleaning products.

  7. Do you use carpet cleaning products on your carpets and rugs. If so could be that, or a change in washing powder to wash bedding.

    I would seriously consider diet. you say you have changed their food, but if they are on a complete diet, and they are reactive to cereal or rice, then there is unlikely to be any improvement.
    I have just changed over to feeding RAW, after 27 years of dog ownership, the ingredients are not contaminated with preservatives, and there is no colouring, or rancid fat or high protein levels that can all cause a reaction. My dog looks and from her reaction, now feels amazing. She was also an itchy dog, but that has all but cleared up now.

    Regards Catherine

  8. You don't say which food you are using but I would guess it includes Wheat (a common source of problems) - Try switching to, for example, Burns Chicken & Rice. We have had many customers who's itchy/scratching and continual hair loss has been cured after just 3 days.

  9. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply,I really am so very grateful. I have been feeding raw meat&cooked chicken breasts&have been advised it may be a chicken allergy! Neither of my dogs are fussed with mixer biscuits thou my collie would eat for Britain!! The tibetan doesnt have much interest in food so changing from chicken is the next plan I think. I have heard of Yumega from a few people&using the Evening Primrose Oil is helping slightly I feel as he isnt as itchy as he was. I dont use any carpet fresheners as years ago my spaniel reacted badly to that. I have been recommended Head&Shoulders Sensitive shampoo also as I only use a good quality puppy one at the moment but an oatmeal one could well calm the skin. Once again thank you all so very much&I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.....Kim x