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Friday, 21 December 2012

Almitey itch

Hello there,

I think two-and-a-half-year-old Chow Chow may have a dust mite allergy.

She has itchy feet and legs, and seems itchy on her tummy area. She is chewing in those areas especially her front legs. I am sure it is not fleas, as I have not found any flea dirt, and I believe they are itchy on the back and the base of the tail with a flea allergy.

I changed her food to Burns Fish and Rice two weeks ago to see if it was diet related and I think this has helped a little. My previous Chows have all done very well on Burns, as they seem to be unable to tolerate most grains.

Her ears seem quite hot which I understand is associated with a dust mite allergy?
She is wearing a rubber ring most of the time to stop her chewing her feet.

Does any one know the best treatment, and any helpful advice for me?

Many thanks,

Lesley Noke, by email


  1. Take her to the vet!! Be very careful with home remedies. I have had dogs in the past with the same it and it could be demodetic mites, they get under the skin and really make the dog itch. It must be treated by a vet, usually with a liquid applied to the skin at the shoulder/back of neck area to get absorbed into the system.

  2. Have you been to the vets to rule out anything else it may be? That would be my first port of call, even if I was sure of the problem, as my vet is likely to be more knowledgeable of safe treatments which are likely to work for my dog than anything I could find online.

  3. Even Burns food contains grains and rice. I would ask the vet advice but also try her on a totally grain & rice free diet for at least a couple of weeks. We had one dog who had a total grain/rice free diet because of allergy. It was very easy to cook chicken etc or many companies supply it frozen in convenient packs.