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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mucky pup

I've bought Madi a new Buster Cube, but I don't know how to clean it!

It's a red one that doesn't come apart as the old blue ones used to. I can see it's got a lot of dirt from the garden in it, where she's thrown it around and pawed it to get treats out. I'm not sure a dishwasher would get into all the nooks and crannies.

How on earth do you clean them?!

Claire Horton-Bussey, Dogs Today

Mark Derby, from the makers of the Buster Cube, Kruuse, says...

Thanks for the question. Bit confused as, to the best of my knowledge the Buster Cube had never been able to be opened. However please find our cleaning instructions listed below.

Thanks for your help – if you ever need any other info don’t hesitate to ask

1.      Take out the centre, fill the cube with warm water and a mild detergent and leave to stand for ∏ hour.

2.      Put your hand over the whole and shake .

3.      Empty out the contents and rinse with warm clean water.

4.      Then place in the airing cupboard upside down with hole down on newspaper.

5.      Reuse when dry

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  1. I fill mine with hot soapy water, hold my palm over the hole then shake like crazy in all directions. Repeat with fresh water until no bubbles come out to make sure it's well rinsed then leave to dry for a few days. So far this is the best I've come up with - takes longer than it would if you could get it apart but the side benefit is the old bingo wings get a workout ; )