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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lungworm facts

Can anyone tell me what the actual prevalence of lungworm is in the UK? I've seen a lot of ads about it and wonder if parts of it is scaremongering, but then I have noticed a huge increase in the amount of slugs and snails with all the rain we've been having.

How likely is it that if my dog touches a slug or a slug's trail he will get lungworm? And can they catch it from frogs, too? My dogs do eat grass, what can I do to protect my them? Are there any more natural remedies I can use to prevent it?

Thank you.

Sarah Leswell, by email

Christine Bailey, Dogs Today, says

There certainly are an awful lot of slugs and snails about this year! I don't like to give my dogs chemical treatments unless absolutely necessary, so I've just sent off samples of my dogs' poo for testing. The company I used is called For just £6.50 per dog they send you a sample pot and a form to fill in your and your dog's details. Getting the sample in the pot is of course the worst part, disposable rubber gloves are a must! Stamp and send off the pack, and bingo, the very next day the results appear in your email inbox. Brilliant service, and in the case of my dogs no trace of any worm eggs at all, toxocara, tapeworm or lungworm. If I knew there was a problem I would obviously treat the dogs, but if not why subject them to chemical wormers and their potential side effects?


  1. Sue @ The Chihuahua Hotel17 July 2012 at 01:26

    I'm not sure of statistics but I use Advocate spot on solution. It treats for worms, fleas but most importantly, the prevention of lungworm. It's really easy to use and seems to have no side effects.
    As it is such a simple solution, I would say if your dog enjoys the outdoor life, prevention is the safer option.

    1. No side effects is not true, my dog vomites and comes up in hives of bumps all over his body! Although this dose not happen to all dogs Advocate use to be used as an insecticide for crops and is purely man made. I would opt for sending the poo away. If your dog is like one of the family think and do the research on the products you are told to give them, VETS ARE JUST OUT TO MAKE MONEY! They have no emotional connection to your pets!

  2. I live in East Anglia and my vet said the changes are on the low side. However as my young dog picks up snails I opted as Sue above to use Advocate. Very simple to use just like other spot on treatments although (of course) it is more expensive. Margaret