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May issue
May issue

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Come fly with me


Just wondering if you could ask your readers for some advice or knowledge on transporting my 18-month-old Lab from the UK to America for a three-week hiking/camping holiday? It is something we have always wanted to do and our pup loves the outdoors as much as us so we would be gutted if he couldn't come to!

Any advice on best airlines to use, best ways to prepare him for travel, paperwork requirements and any other information on US requirements? We are not looking to go till next year and I am nervous on putting him into the hold of an aircraft although I am assured by others I have spoken to that this is very safe in the modern day and age.

We would like to make sure we have all the facts before we make a decision.

Many thanks in advance!

Stacie, via Facebook

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