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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Another supplementary question

Thanks everyone for your response to the question regarding supplements for older dogs. We've noticed a fair few people saying they've given their dogs supplements since they were pups, and thought this might make an interesting feature for the next issue.

So, if you wouldn't mind, can you share with readers which supplements you give your dogs, old and young? Which ones work well for your dog, and do you know why?

Do you have any questions we can put to the manufacturers?

Do you give your dog any natural remedies? What can you recommend?

Thank you!

The Dogs Today team


  1. monique fletcher3 July 2012 at 10:26

    my dogs get supplements as part of their daily routine. They Groomers evening Primrose oil is fantstic for improving coat condition, Sea Kelp for skin pigmentation & healthy metabolism, Brewers yeast for a great source of B vitamins and a natural fle treatment, omega 3 & 6's, and Glycosamine HCL & Chondroitin for joints and bones.

  2. we have given our border Collie Ben chondroitrin since he was about a year old (he will be five in November) as he does spend a lot of time hanging on our fence looking for a hug. We also give him garlic capsules to reduce ticks - is there any evidence that this works

  3. monique fletcher4 July 2012 at 02:15

    meant to say ...check out

  4. I've had really good results with Dorwest Herbs Garlic & Fenugreek and Mixed Veg tablets.
    1) Golden Retriever acquired at 7 months with poor hips and elbows, vet reckoned wouldn't get beyond 7 or 8 as he would have bad arthritis. Put him on the above (maintenance dose) for ever and did agility with him. At approx age 10/11 he became really stiff and put on metacam for the rest of his life, so stopped the herbs thinking the Metacam would replace them. As he got older and stiffer last year, aged 14, I decided to see what the treatment dose of herbs did in addition to the Metacam and noticed a considerable improvement. He is now over 15, still on Metcam and the herbs, and still going for short walks and a happy dog.
    2)Collie with spondylosis also on metacam, ex agility dog, - following the success of above put him on the herbs aged 12 and again noticed a considerable improvement, the dog which couldn't jump in the car now could. OK, he can't any more, but he still goes for an hour walk every day and doesn't appear his age at all other than his inability to jump on furniture.
    I also use Bioflows on both dogs, feed a good quality Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplement and feed an extremely high quality (and expensive) diet, difficult to say if either of these make a difference though, as I'm not prepared to try a rubbish diet and take the Bioflows off!I don't notice any difference if I omit the G & C though, I have a feeling if they have enough in their diet the supplement might be unnecessary.

  5. I'd like to know if giving a puppy or young dog glucosamine or green lipped mussel etc is likely to reduce or even prevent the onset of arthritis in old age.

    Six months ago I started giving my now 5 year old Stafford a daily dose of glucosamine & a low strength garlic.

    Thanks, Caroline & Tala

  6. My 4 year old lab has had SYNOQUIN every day since she was 7 months old and diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Of course difficult to say how much this has helped but along with hydrotherapy and a very good quality (human) omega 3 fish oil, which is much better than cod liver oil, she is doing very well.
    Omega 3 reduces inflammation in the body and glucosamine and chondroitin (synoquin) helps to protect the joints. So effectively they work together to target condition.
    Synoquin is good, you need to look at levels that supplements contain, and whether there are further vitamins and minerals added to aid absorption and bio-availability.
    We have decided to not go the 'operation' route, and so work hard at keeping her fit, well and maintaining this.
    As with humans, diet needs to be taken into account when taking supplements, because food is the best starting point, and the best that money can buy will have a positive effect on dogs health.
    Hope this helps