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Friday, 23 March 2012

Help for new addition

Can you recommend a behaviourist that covers Chichester area of West Sussex? A friend of mine has just taken on a six-year-old collie cross bitch, who behaved very well with other dogs for the three months she was in kennels, including being in the rescue ambulance with other dogs when taken to the vets.

They have had her 10 days and are very pleased with her, except that she has started to lunge and growl at other dogs, including mine. I popped in to meet her few days ago and she greeted me nicely, very friendly, but when I opened the tailgate my little elderly Lhasa Apso who is great with all dogs, took one step towards the bumper and she was trying to jump in snarling at him, and Holly.

We moved the car out into the lane and let her calm down and I quietly walked Holly on a lead, on the other side, whilst my friend had Gypsy sit and give her treats. It was going quite well, when a local lady appeared with her three very well behaved Labradors, all on leads, when she did exactly the same thing to them. None of the dogs reacted to her.

We really don't want to see her go back into kennels, especially now that we will have to tell them about this, it will mean she will almost certainly never find a home, as although she seems very sweet with people, she is just a black crossbreed, that most people will not find particularly pretty.

Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.


Lynn, by email


  1. Hi Lynn

    If you're friend would like to contact me for help I can travel out that way to help her. I work with Dogs in a positive way using no force. I teach the owners how to deal with bad situations in a good, kind and simple way. If you would like to take a look at my website and contact me via the contact form on there the website address is
    I am based in Kent but cover surrounding areas.

    Carmen Cole

  2. Sounds exactly like my rescue staff-Gracie. Fine with dogs when we first met her but within a week of moving in she became very aggressive with other dogs. She's attacked 2 and now has to be muzzled out at all times. Do get it sorted if you can. We hired Inga Mckellar and she's was good although it's quite expensive. Inga is in west sussex so might be able to help. Google her. Don't give up on her just yet x

  3. Lynn, you can find properly trained and accredited dog behaviour specialists either on the APBC or COAPE websites. A sincere and genuine dog behaviourist will only work on vet referral, so avoid anyone who does not.