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Friday, 2 March 2012

Cushioning the blow

My nine-year-old dog has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. He has two more tests to go, but they are just a formality as he ‘ticks all the boxes’.

He suffers from arthritis and has been having Previcox when needed, but due to Cushing’s can no longer have this. Does anyone have a Cushingoid dog with arthritis and what do you use as pain relief?

Frances Clair, by email


  1. HI There, Firstly sorry to hear of your dogs illness. I had a dog with Cushings syndrome and she had to have Vetoryl.The best advice is to check with your vet because they will know the best for your dog. Also may be check out Joe Inglis the TV Vet new Pet on line for questions. There are supplements on the market which help Arthritis but I think the best thing to do is check with the vet first. Good Luck.

  2. My dog has several symptoms of Cushings and her urine test had a ratio of 26 cortisol:creatinine (13 or below rules Cushings out). I decided not to have the blood test, because I don't intend to treat the Cushings at present. She has terrible arthritis, and the Cushings has got rid of the symptoms!

    She also was on Previcox, but a year ago she suffered a near-fatal ulcer, which in hindsight may have been brought on by the presence of steroids due to Cushings. She now displays almost no symptoms of arthritis, although the only painkiller she is on is turmeric, which is apparently a natural anti-inflammatory. That's why I'm not treating the Cushings. She is far happier than she was before, and it seems to have actually done her a favour.

    It does bring on relatively minor things like increased minor infections, and we treat these as they come.

    If your dog is still suffering pain from arthritis despite the Cushings, you could try turmeric.

  3. I just wanted to pass on that our 12 year old Labrador who suffers from arthritis has been on Metacam in the past and due to a slight gastric problem, was prescribed Previcox but we found it wasn't very good and therefore the vet recommended Onsior which she has in conjunction with codeien.
    Colin Polly, by email