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Friday, 23 March 2012

Don't freeze your dog


I came across your webpage and whilst searching for guidelines on dogs in cars (

I try and take my dogs to work every day and in the summer will leave the boot open for them to keep cool.

However, I can’t seem to find any advice on what to do when the weather is cold i.e. should I still keep a window open?

I generally put rugs on them and open a window at lunch after they have been for a run but in the morning when it’s really cold I don’t know whether to have a window open or not? (If it’s really really cold I leave them at home).

Any advice would really be appreciated as I can only find info on summer months and dogs in “hot” cars!

Thank you

Amy, by email

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  1. I'm hoping Spring has now sprung but an interesting question.
    There are a few dog breeds which suffer from the cold more than others but I would suggest that Canines are better at dealing with temperatures that we consider cold, rather than the hot and stuffy conditions of Spring and Summer.
    Most breeds have coats which protect them cold temperatures. I once owned a Collie X who chose to sleep outside on some occasions. When you consider it, it is more natural for an animal to do so.
    If you make the environment snug with a blanket and open the windows for some air circulation then, in general, a fit dog should not suffer.
    However, it maybe worth asking your vet, who is better informed with regard to the age, medical conditions and breed of your dog.