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Monday, 5 March 2012

Approach with caution

My friend has a nervous German Shepherd who is eight months old. She was rescued from Ireland and was pretty emaciated when adopted - despite being pregnant! She's slowly gaining weight, has had her pups, and has bonded brilliantly with her human family. She is great with other dogs, but is nervous with people. She ignores people on walks, but barks if they look at her or approach her. She's tried telling people to ignore the dog and not look at her, but to no avail. She has heard that you can get a T-shirt or tabard or something with 'Rescue Dog in Training, Please Ignore' or similar printed on it.

Anyone know where you can buy these? She has had one-to-one behavioural help and is coming on well, but she just needs people to ignore her when out on walks while her confidence is being built up.

Claire, Dogs Today


  1. I was talking about this the other day. A friend of mine make dogs coats, beds, cushions etc. She is going to make me some lightweight dog vests that say 'please ignore, dog in training'

    I've seen them on american sites but they charge an absolute fortune.


  2. Hello,
    I use vistaprint for loads of things including T-shirts for my dog grooming salon. You can put anything on them, they have loads of different templates so you could put something relevant to inform people to leave the dog alone and they have lots of free offers, you just pay post and packaging for a lot of there products. visit
    Hope you find it useful :)

  3. I needed something similar for my own dog recently, and made my own from a lightweight hi-viz dog vest, some duct tape, and some marker pens.

    I would, however, advise caution on your choice of words. A lot of people already stigmatise rescue dogs, and I personally wouldn't want to add to the mis-perception people seem to have around them.