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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Big softy

I am looking for an oval cushion/mattress for my dog's plastic bed.

I want one with a cover for washing as when I have washed his old cushion (which came with the bed, with no cover) it has gone all lumpy!

Can anyone recommend one?

His bed is approx. 90cm x 54cm


Wendy, by email


  1. Could I suggest, doing away with the rigid plastic bed altogether? (Unless it is very roomy as they do not allow dogs to stretch their legs out straight whilst sleeping. To achieve good quality REM(rapid eye movement)sleep, which restores the body, dogs need to lie flat on their sides, with their legs outstretched. It was one of the most valuable lessons I learnt whilst studying animal behaviour.
    A flat matress, or a duvet, or a soft bed with sides to keep out draughts allows a more natural sleeping position.
    Hope you didn't mind me saying this but to me, good sleep is so important for our animals.

  2. These are new to D for Dog and may be just what you are looking for

    Heavy duty oval dog bed cushion. Comfortable, insulating and waterproof. Perfect for use in oval plastic dog beds.