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Monday, 1 March 2010

Dog poo disposal dilemma

Please, please can you help?
We have two dogs who produce quite a lot of poo in our garden.  I have bought "Dog Toilets" from two different manufacturers and have to say that both are totally useless.
Do you know of any method of making a dog loo for the garden.  There are composting toilets for human waste used in rural areas. What do boarding kennels and dog breeders use? 
We have a large garden and although the dogs get plenty of walks on the moors etc, they still produce about two or three piles each per day on the lawns.
I really hope than you can come up with some suggestions. I am not happy about burying the poo, because we live in a very rural area and do not want to attract vermin.
David Wilson

Quite by chance I recently came across a company with a very memorable name - Whoopsies Away. This would seem to be the kind of thing you're searching for. Anyone else got any bright ideas or know a UK distributor?
Just had another product pointed out to me by @airdmoss on Twitter
Looks easy to install, only 30 minutes! And not too expensive. And they also do flushable poo bags. A whole world of poo disposal has been opened up to us by this question!
We've just checked out legally what we're meant to be doing with our dog poo and were surprised to find this advice from the Government:
If possible, you should encourage your dog to use your garden - you can then either bury the mess or flush it down the toilet. Do not put dog mess in green garden waste bags or rubbish bins.

Beverley Cuddy, Editor


  1. I've tried one of those dog toilets and it was hopeless. Just filled up and left me with a big pile of dog poo. It wouldn't even cope with 1 dog let alone the 2 I have now. Now I just scoop it up and flush it down the toilet. I know that means carrying it into the house, but it is far more hygenic than anything else I've tried.

  2. Check the dog's diet, if they are doing more than 3 poos a day they need a different food - for every 100g of food you're looking for no more than 15g of poop.

    The reason the dog loos don't work is because they are very sensitive and need gentle handling. If you feed dry food to your dog they will need more water flushed through. They also like fresh poo, so if you only collect the poo once a week, then they won't work so well. Ideally collect the poop as soon as it's hit the floor! Never be afraid to give it a good stir.

    Also make sure they are installed with proper drainage.

    Flush through with water as often as needed - this might be as much as once a day, and use the bio stuff once a week.

    I'm not a boarding kennels, but I do home boarding for dogs. I was told I had to organise 'trade waste', but instead I use a mix of putting it into the sewer (just like flushing it down the loo but without going up the stairs), the dog loo in the garden, and in October I set up two wormeries. The vet who checks me is happy with that mix. I love my worms!

  3. I have written about this before - there was a product that fitted neatly into your manhole cover for you to deposit poo directly into the sewer system! Perhaps Crufts visitors could keep an eye out for any new ideas marketed there?