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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Any tips for surviving mange? URGENT

These poor unfortunates were found dumped in two cardboard boxes, in a lay-by, near Spilsby , Lincolnshire on one of the cold frosty mornings a couple of weeks ago.
They have all had their tails docked and were in a poor condition suffering from mange and worms. They are six weeks old and of the Jack Russell type.

It is only speculation on my part but I believe they were bred with the intention of being sold as 'a breed', but then dumped when the owner realised they were going to cost money in vets fees.
Fortunately the pups were found by a kind burger van owner and are now recovering at the charity's kennels. Keith's Rescue Dogs). I dread to think what could have happened to them.
This of course is not responsible breeding, but I fear we shall see more of it. I hope these people can be found and prosecuted.
Unfortunately one of the pups died in the early hours this morning.
The remaining puppies are in a bad way suffering from mange. I know that these mites can kill the pups, but the dips also seem to devastate them further.
We are desperate for the other pups to live, they have been through so much, and wonder if anyone could give us advice on an gentler alternative treatment. I understand that diet is important to boost the pups immune system and we are working on that.
I would be very grateful for any help you could offer.

Thank you
Joan (Keith's Rescue Dogs)

Just received this update:
Thanks to everyone who has responded. At present the remaining pups seem to be holding their own, but I am passing all information received to Keith, who in turn is passing it on to the people who are caring for the pups in the kennels.
Apparently the little girl that died succumbed to pneumonia. We don't know how long they had been left without treatment before they were dumped, but they were obviously very weak. Heaven knows what state the mum is in, if she is still alive.
I would like to get hold of the people responsible and dip them.
Thank you all
Joan (Keith's Rescue Dogs)

Sorry I've been away for a few days visiting my mother (who is 95 and not in great health).
Hope pups surviving - yes, good healthy additive free diet needed, and immune system boosters, especially Echinacea, Vitamins A,C,E and Selenium, Royal jelly: plus homoeopathic meds - usually Psorinum helps but depends on precise symptoms
Let me know if more advice needed
All the best
Richard Allport, alternative vet

Thank you Richard. I have passed on this advice to Keith. Remaining pups are starting to rally a bit now, and are acting a little more like puppies i.e. running towards their food and barking. I can't wait to see them myself. I haven't been near them yet as I have had a virus and was afraid I might pass it on.
Thanks again


  1. In the USA, there is a product called Revolution (selemectin), that you apply topically. It was very effective in treating my puppy's sarcoptic mange.

    And, you might want to look into herbal supplements that help to boost the immune system.

  2. Depends on the type of mange. My GSD Dexter had Demodectic mange when he was 18mths & we used some lotion from the vet but then they couldn't get it for a while as it was withdrawn due to it's toxicity. They then told me it was sheep dip & I was horrified. It hadn't even worked at all.

    I changed his diet, giving him mostly raw tripe (the frozen block stuff) and chicken. I used the diet advised by Juliette Di Bairicli Levy in her Herbal Handbook for dogs (I can post the diet if required) a more simplified one is in Wendy Volhards the Holistic Guide to a Healthy Dog. Most importantly I added Vit C to bowel tolerance level & also a supplement called Immune Plus. This is no longer available but it contained vits & mineral & echinacea. Richard Allports surgery supplies something similar.

    Within weeks Dexter's his skin got better & his fur grew back.

    I would say though that maybe if one of the pups has died perhaps you should follow the vets advise & use something stronger & faster working. I think Stronghold perhaps treats mange. When I worked at Battersea dogs Home these harsh chemicals were used on traumatised dogs & I never heard of any side effects. The dogs got better very quickly

  3. We had a very bad case in rescue once and used Imeravol (think that is the correct spelling/available from Cannine chemists) very successfully.It was a three day topical 'dab' treatment

  4. When I thought my dog had mange a while ago I looked into it and discovered that Derbyshire Fox Rescue recommend using homoeopathic Arsen Alb 30c and Sulphur 30c – they reckon this works really well (and of course they can’t get hold of the foxes to wash them!).  Can order this from Ainsworth’s Homeopathic Pharmacy: and they are really helpful if you ring and speak to them for advice too. (homoeopathic tablets mustn’t be handled, so you just tip them into the lid, then into the dog’s mouth – or crush them between two clean teaspoons then pour the powder into the mouth.  Preferably give 20 mins before or after any food has been in their mouth too.  Keep out of sunlight and away from any strong smelling substance.
    Also “Neem Genie” sell a shampoo recommended for mange:  Neem 40 Mite Shampoo 200ml. £9.00  “Gentle, deep cleansing shampoo for ticks, lice, fleas, mange and scabies”   

    Might be worth ringing them for advice also as they sell many Neem products (including pure Neem oil) and may have something better (Neem is a real wonder plant which has antibacterial antiviral antiparasitic – anti-you-name-it properties!)

    Best of luck


  5. >In the USA, there is a product called Revolution (selemectin), that you apply topically. It was very effective in treating my puppy's sarcoptic mange.<

    It's sold here as Stronghold,it's a spot on treatment available from Vets.Will also be effective against fleas and roundworm.It's good stuff,I alwyas use it on my puppies.

  6. Yes, the very sad thing of course is where is 'mum' and what condition must she be in to have passed the Mange on so easily in such a short time. Wendy

  7. Are you familiar with TTouch (Tellington Touch)?

    TTouch is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence - a little like "turning on the electric lights of the body."

    Now that you have a little bit of an idea. I would suggest doing some ear slides. These are performed by gently holding the ear leather between your thumb and fore finger nera to teh base of the ear and applying a very light pressure (as if you were stroking the petal of a rose) slide to the tiop of the ear, then release and go back to the base and gently hold again a little further over on the base and repeat, do this over the whole of the ear (should take 3 or four slides) and then repeat the process again. Remain focused on what you wish to achieve and stay relaxed. The puppies will love it and do not be surprissed if they fall asleep.

    The reason for doing these ear slides is to stimulate the immune system. You may or may not know that dogs and most mammals have pressure point in their ears that relate to the organs of the body (like reflexology points in our feet). Also the tip of the ear has an antihistamine release point and is also very good for treating shock and bless these pups have had so much trauma and shock in their short lives - it can only help.

    I promise that if you do these ear slides and concentrate on the affect you wish to achieve, you will be absolutley amazed at the results you will achieve.

    One of my females had renal failure and was given less than a 50-50 chance of survival - I asked the emergency vets at the referal centre to do ear slides on her every day and they were astounded at the speed of her recovery and also tha fact that they could not trace any signs of renal damage following her post discharge examination and blood test.

    I wish you the very best of luck - please keep me posted

    Keith Gullis

  8. Hi, ask your vet to inject vermection. Most will not ffr it beacuse it is not licenced for dog use in the UK. Stay in the car park for at least an hour in case there is an advrse reaction. It is a very strong treatment, but when nothing else s wo0rking it can be the one thng that will.

    Once they have recovered, treat monthly with Stronghold drop on and it wont return.
    Good luck