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Monday, 16 June 2014

Laddie's new diet


My Affenpinscher Laddie keeps gaining weight! I have tried feeding him carrots and fruit but he wouldn’t touch them, nor would he eat boiled cabbage. I feed him Lily’s kitchen, which he loves and I have also cut his portion sizes down. I don’t want to put him on a prescription diet and I’m not prepared to starve him.

He’s regularly vet checked, and although he is almost nine and has a heart murmur he is very healthy. What can I try to keep his weight under control?  

Thank you 
S. Thompson


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  3. Hi

    As we all get older our metabolism slows down and we are prone to weight changes.

    Has your vet conducted a blood test to check if there is anything such as a thyroid problem that could be contributing to the weight gain problems?

    If this all checks out ok try looking for a low calorie diet that is also low in carbs (avoid cereals as much as possible, especially if they are not named) . As your dog loves Lily's Kitchen try making mealtimes last longer by feeding from a Kong type feeder rather than the bowl, then your dog may not notice that the food levels are lower.

  4. joanne stockbridge3 September 2014 at 14:52

    Are you sure your feeding him the right amount? With the better quality food they need to eat less to get what they need from it.
    If he has had a full health check and all was fine you could look at doing more activity with him like swimming, it's easy on there joints and good for losing weight.
    You may need to change his food, my dog was doing great on one brand but when I swapped her onto a new one she gained weight despite being fed the right amount for her weight and still having the same exersize.

  5. There is no substitute for exercise and lower calories when looking for weight loss. I would reduce the amount of food fed by a third and try to increase the exercise you give your dog. Also be very careful to monitor how many treats your dog consumes in a day. If they amount to couple of ounces then take a couple of ounces out of his daily food allowance.
    You will be amazed how much happier he will be when his weight is at the correct level for his size.