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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Cartrophen concerns

My dog was prescribed four Cartrophen injections. For the first injection, the serum in the bottle was coloured with a tinge of yellow. The following three injections were a serum of clear colour.

When I asked the vet she said it was just old stock. I’m concerned as treatment has not been successful. What should I do?

Lance Bates, via email 


  1. I checked your query with the UK distributors, and they say that provided the product is kept in the recommended conditions and is not beyond its expiry date, it should be fine - it probably was just a different batch.

    It's a shame the treatment does not seem to have been successful for your dog. I have had two dogs treated with Cartrophen and they responded very well. The website www.cartrophen,com gives a lot of information, and they say the treatment is effective in 80% of cases.

    I would suggest you ask your vet whether she feels it is worth repeating the injections, or trying something else?

    Christine, Dogs Today

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