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May issue
May issue

Monday, 5 August 2013

Winter blues

Dear editor,

I was wondering if any of your other readers have noticed their dogs suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)? We have a young Labrador who clearly displays all the symptoms seen in humans.

During the summer months he is full of energy and life, always looking happy and ready to play, well into the late evening. However as the days become shorter he becomes quieter. When winter really draws in he still goes for walks but is much calmer and on overcast days can look quite miserable. Like most of us his favourite place is on the sofa in front of the log fire during the dark winter days. Out other dog, who is the same breed and age, does not seem to be affected.

I would be interested to know if anybody has experimented using a light box for dogs, similar to the type used to help humans who suffer with this condition?

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Hardwick, by post

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  1. Just make sure you provide your dog entertainment and fun whilst she is suffering. Keep positive and encourage her on. Don't let anyone norm rules slip but make sure you don't act in a way you could make her worse!