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May issue
May issue

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tough but informed decision

I wondered if you know of anyone who has been in the same situation we sadly are with Izzy at the moment? She has been diagnosed with colitis and rectal carcinoma recently.
She is such a lovely girl and we really want to make the right decision for HER...not selfish for us and not taking into account finances, though may have to rob a bank! I wondered if anyone has been in the same situation? Surgery may be a possibility, though , it’s pretty major, and we have already been told the tumour will regrow. We’re soul searching as to what is kindest for Izzy. 
Anyone else's experiences/outcomes may help, We don't want to pit her through so much if her quality of life is not likely to improve, indeed may do the opposite if surgery is opted for, however we do want to give her the best option. 

Dogs Today reader, by email

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  1. firstly get a second opinion as that never hurts. Then read up on raw food diet and its health value. Then look into Turmeric as it has been linked to reducing cancers in some cases. This is just things i have read myself. My dogs are on raw food diet and love it and i give them about half a teaspoon of tumeric and ginger a day. Honeys web site is good to look at. They do frozen raw food which they deliver but their vet is also happy to answer questions, free of charge and without obligation to buy their food. I have also read, through the Honeys dog health book, that cancer needs carbohydrates to live. Lower the carb intake and starve the cancer. Hope this is of some help and good luck with Izzy.