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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Down to business

I know this might sound like a funny question, but is it possible to train my dog to 'go' in my garden? I've found my local authority isn't changing the dog bins so often and they fill up quickly. It might just be easier to train her to go in my garden before we go on a walk. The problem is, she's a shy goer (she goes behind a tree when we're out so I have to subtly watch so I can find it after, but avoid her embarrassment!) so I'm worried she might not want to. She does go in the garden when I let her out before bed, but she knows I'm not watching then.

Thanks very much!

Jules Morris, by email

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  1. Hi

    Yes it is possible to teach your dog to 'go' in the garden, and to 'go' on command for both peeing and a poo.

    You will have to keep taking your dog out, perhaps at the time when you know it will usually go and after a meal. Keep watch until your dog performs one or the other (or both). If your dog is shy of going in front of you, then pretend to be otherwise occupied! When your dog has performed,just as it is finishing, put a word to it, praise and throw a titbit towards your dog. Hopefully your dog will very soon associate performing with a 'cue' word, praise and a reward, and then it will be much easier to go. I would take this training to other places once learned, as it could happen that your dog will only go in your garden, and if you go on holiday, or out for the day, then you could have a problem.

    Hope that this helps you and good luck.

    Regards Jan