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Friday, 17 May 2013

Bright future ahead

Dear Dogs Today,

Well done for another fabulous edition! I love the magazine and I buy it when I can!

My name is Emily and I am a budding animal behaviourist/dog trainer. I am currently in year nine so have been choosing my options this year and was wondering how your fantastic dog behaviourists and dog trainers got to where they are now? I would love to know which colleges/sixth forms they went to, what they studied, what universities they went to, what hey studied there, and how they built up their careers to where they are now.

I know I am very young, but our generation is finding it increasingly more difficult to find jobs and I would love to set myself in good stead for the rest of my life so that maybe one day I could be as amazing as they are! They are a big inspiration to me as they are changing the harsh opinions that people have on different dogs and rescues. This is what needs to happen because many dogs are suffering because of it.

I have a rescue dog myself called Jasper. The only training he had had was toilet training when we got him. So, me and my family had to train him right from the start! He was in a really bad state when we got him, but now, besides his arthritis, he is a happy, fit, healthy, well-behaved Toy Poodle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Emily Foster, age 14, by post

Dogs Today says...

Dear Emily,

Thank you very much for your letter. It is wonderful to hear you have such a passion for dogs and for learning. Jasper must be in very safe hands.

We would like to send you a couple of dog training books and a subscription to Dogs Today to help with your background reading. I do hope they are useful and enjoyable.

Very best wishes with your future career. You are certainly asking all the right questions, and it sounds like the dogs you care for will have a very bright future.

Rachael Millar
Dogs Today

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  1. Let me see, I chose French, history, geography, and textiles for my GCSE's, my As level choices were French, biology, and chemistry, and I continued with biology and French to A level. I then took up working in an office, which has been my career for the past ten years.

    Four years ago, I got my first dog and took him to training classes. I was asked if I was interested in becoming a class assistant and never looked back! Personal struggles aside, I'm now most of the way through studying the Animal Care College's Introduction to Canine Psychology, am a provisional (AKA student) member of the Pet Professional Guild, and hope to join the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK in the not too distant future, and after that, the sky's the limit.

    Remembering, of course, I have two very special dogs of my own and a "borrowed" dog who are all teaching me so much.