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Monday, 11 February 2013

Three dogs and a baby


Can you help me?

As an owner of three gorgeous dogs, two spaniels and one Shih Tzu, I love going on long off-lead walks. My only problem is now I have a baby (not really a problem, but as any mum would tell you.. juggling a buggy and three leads is tough!).

I wondered if you could suggest the best off-road buggies for me and my dogs, of a reasonable price.

I’ve looked online for advice, but most buggies have small wheels, or are really big and bulky. I am absolutely desperate for advice as I can’t get out and about with the dogs so much now.. and I miss it. I feel so sorry for my doggies!

Oh, and yes I do have a carrier, but I am only a small build and already my three-month-old is heavy for me to carry.

Your advice would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,

Lottie, by email

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  1. The out 'n' about nipper 360 is a fantastic all terrain buggy. We've taken ours all sorts of places, on beaches, through snow, down muddy woodland tracks, gravel paths, you get the picture :) I also use it as a jogging buggy. It's not compact but I really don't think such a thing exists as a compact off road buggy. It is very light though and folds up fairly small and the wheels come off easily if you need them to.

    I know you said you have a carrier and find your baby heavy but if you have a sling meet or sling library local to you they can give you great advice on the best type of sling for you. With the right sling your baby will seem so much easier to carry as they will be held in a good position closer to your own centre of gravity.