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May issue
May issue

Thursday, 21 February 2013


In April we are travelling by train from London to Edinburgh.

Can your readers say if they have encountered problems making such a journey and do they have any information on travelling by taxis in London?


Charlie Steven, by email

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  1. I have travelled by train from Edinburgh and Glasgow to London and back on a number of occasions with terriers. Each time we have had a brilliant journey, the staff on the train have been really helpful and friendly, and have advised when the train is going to stop for a bit longer in case the dogs needed a comfort break. They never have. I would say that the dogs concerned were all fairly good travellers but even so we did not feed them before they set off if it was an early morning train. We took water with us, and had an old towel for the floor, just in case. They are obviously not allowed on seats. I don't have much experience of taxis, but a very nice black cab driver did take my elderly dad and his medium sized dog in his cab. I have been refused by some private hire cabs but others have been very accommodating. If your dog is not used to travelling I would recommend a few short trips by bus or train between now and your big trip. I hope you enjoy your trip.