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Friday, 8 February 2013

Spinning around

Nine months ago I rescued a five-year-old Labrador bitch who had spent her life in a cage, in a barn, being used for breeding.

After quite a few problems and being spayed, she is now a friendly, happy bitch.

Sometimes in my house, in my garden, or in the local park she is suddenly like a “whirling dervish”, makes about four to six circles, and is then exhausted.

My vet has checked that there is no medical problem but as my bitch has the beginnings of arthritis in her hind legs, I worry that this excessive moving in circles will affect her legs.

Have any of your readers ever experienced this problem with rescued dogs who have spent their time in cages?

Yours sincerely,

Mrs M. J. Lucas, Deal, Kent

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  1. Hi,
    Many dogs will expel energy by 'zooming' around in circles. It's often a way of blowing-off stress. For example, owners often encounter 'zooming' after returning back to the home after popping put and leaving the dog alone.
    As long as the dog has daily stimulation, good exercise and a decent diet, it it can be quite normal and a way of shaking off everyday stress.