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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Eau de dog

The weather this Jubilee weekend not only spoilt our local street party but reminded me, after our short but glorious sunshine spell a couple of weeks ago helped my memory fade, just how ingrained the wet dog smell can get in sofas (not that I would possibly allow my two to share our human-only sofa..!).

Can the wonderful Dogs Today community recommend the best cleaning products or upholstery home remedies to rid the house of this stink?!


Sally Lee, by email


  1. Hi,
    I light a candle, any sort, and also spray with febreeze.
    Hope this helps.

    Warmest wishes


  2. I use 2 Pure Products for everything. Twitter contact is @LondonDogForum

  3. I don't let wet dogs on the sofa! Dry dogs are fine, but wet dogs go on towels (theirs, not mine) or have jumpers put on.

    If something does get a bit wet-dog-smelly, then I stay away from 'traditional' products, which are often over-full of chemicals; if it's a general smell in the air, I light a scented candle, if it's something specific then Astonish have a scent-remover product similar to Fabreeze, but much less chemically-smelling.

  4. Hi,
    Happytails Canine Spa makes Dry Dog Instant Clean, based on herbs & and a natural product called, Ordenone, which traps the odor-causing proteins. It's a spray with a fresh kiwi mellon scent and can be used on dry dogs, wet dogs and on carpets and sofas. I have a couple of bottles around the house to always have it handy when a little accident happens, to freshen up things or to remove some serious smells, like when our German Shepherds has had a fox poo encounter. It does really work. I also take it when we travel.